Pinball Trough Repair Sleeve - Press Release

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Press Release: October 1, 2005  PinBall Wizzard, Williamstown, New Jersey

Introducing the new Pinball Trough Repair Sleeve. This patented precision repair part has been designed to repair a worn and damaged ball trough in all Williams and Bally/Midway pinball machines starting with the 1993 Indiana Jones right through to the end of production in 1999 with Pinball 2000 machines, Revenge from Mars and Star Wars Episode 1. These ball trough carried part numbers from the early A-16765 to the later A-16809-2 welded assembly and are no longer available. This new patented repair sleeve overcomes the ball hang-up due to worn indentations in the base of the original assembly. The repair overcomes the problem causing the machine to go into the ball hunt routine thinking there is a lodged ball somewhere on the playfield. The real cause for this condition is the ball did not roll forward in the trough causing the opto sensor to think there is a missing ball from the trough when it is merely out of position. All original ball troughs in this series of machines will experience this ware over time due to the abrasive effect of the ball against the soft metal on the bottom of the trough further eroded by the vibrations transmitted through the playfield. This inexpensive repair part also dramatically reduces the time it takes to load the next ball after drain by increasing the troughs incline several degrees with a unique acceleration ramp at the top of the sleeve. Even without a damaged trough load time can be cut by more then 50%. Stop shaking and tilting your machine trying to get the balls to move into proper position. This precision machined stainless steel ball trough repair sleeve carries a life time warranty. The installation requires no disassembly, takes as little as 10 seconds to install which is done right through the coin door. Contact PinBall Wizzard's at  for price and availability.