Scared Stiff Repair Parts

Back Bones
Backbox spider plastic (very rare)
Backbox UV light kit
Bony flipper
Boogiemen Kit
Blue Pop bumper caps and domes
Bridge & Caps Kit
Candle flames
Coffin Door Spring
Claw & Red Globe
Crate Door Decal
Crate door
Custom stainless plastic protectors
Custom hand painted coin door (matches cabinet) 
Elvira Plastic Topper
Frogs and frogs on sticks
Glow Skull
Hole protector kit
Lane Plastic
Leaper levers
Large shooter eyeball (choice of eye colors)
Leg Bolt Plates NEW design
Lock Down Bar
N.O.S. Spider & Pointers
Pinball Trough Repair Sleeve  
Plastics both NOS and repro's
Plunger and Pin NOS
Stainless heavy duty replacement crate pins
Pop Bumper & Caps
Ramp protector kits (for spider hole)
Replacement crate red LED's
Replacement Hairy Spider
Right Return Lane
Rom upgrade ver 1.5
Sling plastic sets (original & repro's available)
Subway Ramp (NOS)
Skull pile LED kits in red and multi color
Spider Motor

We have the original set of proto ramps from the Whitewood test game for sale in very good condition (serious offers please)